Here’s the Problem: Gulf Oil Leak

Here’s the Problem:  I obviously didn’t run today because I got a good dose of news this morning.  Are their people in shape and up on current events?  Sounds impossible to me.  Anyway, I got caught up on the oil leak off the coast of Louisianna and am devestated to see that with all the technology we’ve developed to farm oil, we haven’t come up with a way to protect our shores from mistakes resulting from it.

Actual Problem: I realize this isn’t funny, so I’m attaching this link to a video of Matt Suttle, COO of BP who is pretty darn hot.  I could listen to him apologize for him company all night long.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Gulf Oil Leak

  1. I suspect he practiced his worried facial expression in the bathroom mirror the night before the interview; this makes him less hot. However he’s probably loaded, and will no doubt receive a huge bonus from all this, making him more loaded, which certainly adds hot points 😛

  2. A- The video said his name was Doug…?

    B- He looks a little too much like GWBush for my comfort

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