Here’s the Problem: Lady Submarine

Here’s the Problem:  This morning Ann Curry went aboard the USS Maryland – a Navy Submarine that is expected to welcome aboard its first woman submariner.  This was news because women had not yet been allowed on Navy submarines.  Seriously! There are still jobs where it is NEWS when a woman gets it.  What year is this???

Actual Problem: Maybe it’s not really “news”.  I mean, the Today Show also did a segment about a really large bunny today.  But the point is that gender is still defining career opportunities in this country.  As if I needed another reason Mom, this is why I’m not having kids yet.  You can’t bring a child up in a world like this.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Lady Submarine

  1. The Today Show’s horrific tone shifts never cease to amaze me.

    Ex: “And a kindergarten teacher if facing molestation charges from 5 of her students. She’s lost her job, her house, and they took away her daughter. Now, to Ann, who is going to show you the biggest bunny you’ve ever seen!”

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