Here’s The Problem: Melissa Etheridge

Here’s The Problem: You know what I’m already sick of? Melissa Etheridge’s “new” song: Fearless Love. Because it sounds like all  of her other songs. Same song – different words. I understand Melissa – you’ve had some rough times in your love life – you wanted someone to come to your window (did she? Did she climb up a tree and make it?), you were the only one who would walk across fire for this chick (doesn’t seem safe), then you wanted to come over (maybe she didn’t want you to?) and now you want a Fearless Love. IT ALL SOUNDS THE SAME!

 Actual Problem: Angsty love songs will never go out of style. 😦


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Melissa Etheridge

  1. More than enough

    I used to go to all her concerts and buy her CDs. No more. After this last break up I have had more than enough of her inability to speak true.

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