Here’s The Problem: The Census Bureau

is that big hand there so you can slap people with it? HUH?

Here’s The Problem: Ok, LOOK. So maybe I was a little late filling out my Census. And maybe I took my sweet ass time actually mailing it in. And maybe – just maybe – I was yelling “I ALREADY TOLD YOU HOW MEXICAN I AM CENSUS!” while doing it. But I mailed the damn thing in. Ok? I mailed the damn thing in. So, when I get home from a very long day, and I am tired and alone and i see a big blue NOTICE on my door, telling me to call some kid to talk about why I haven’t turned my Census in – I get a little cross.

Actual Problem: As Tarsha said so eloquently: “Coming to the door? They’re getting worse than the damn Jehovah witnesses!”


One response to “Here’s The Problem: The Census Bureau

  1. The exact same thing with me. First I get two forms sent to me. Then a note on my gate. Lady tells me she needs to meet with me to take the census. I sent it in over a month before!! She said sorry, we don’t have it. Annoying!!!

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