Here’s The Problem: Sex Tapes

Here’s the Problem: I have a habit of urging my friends not to do DUMBASS things. Such as – don’t have sex without a condom, don’t do drugs before you come to work in the morning, don’t date a guy who may or may not have a criminal record…..but my biggest rule is – no matter WHAT:



Cause that shit is going to come back and bite you in the ass – your big, white, exposed, ass.

Actual Problem: Kendra really could use a friend like me.


3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Sex Tapes

  1. but… she’s a former playmate… why is she worried about people seeing her naked? And everyone who has seen her naked images (and probably most people who have seen her mostly naked images, like in Girls Next Door), has probably fantasized about what she looks like having sex anyway. I fail to see the reason for the freakout..

  2. Ah, the good ole days when you could make a sex tape on VHS, and the only way it would be seen is if you accidentally returned it to the video store.

  3. Hillary the intern

    Oh shit better go clear out my video camera…

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