Here’s the Problem: Congrats Chaz Bono

Here’s the Problem:  It’s official!  Chaz Bono legally changed his name today and is registered as a male now that his surgery is complete and his innie is now an outtie.   We’ved poked fun in the past, but the truth is, it’s kinda awesome.  It’s not everyday a child brought up in unusual celebrity-centric circumstances is able to take all that bottled up confusion and make a penis out of it.

Actual Problem:  Dear readers who find this site by googling “Chaz Bono”.  We are not Chaz Bono.  You can stop emailing us about how you’re going through the same thing, or how proud you are of us.   We are two girls who intend to stay that way.   Probably.  Well, depends how this weekend goes.


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