Here’s the Problem: Justin Bieber’s No Nazi

Here’s the Problem:  In a recent interview, a New Zealand TV host asked J-Biebs if he knew that Bieber is German for basketball.  This threw our baby boy through a loop, as he was yanked out of school the day before they learned about Europe.  In Justin’s defense, he said he thought the interviewer said “Jewman,” not “German,” (despite the fact that he repeated the word “German” and then read it off the interview card).

Actual Problem:  If what he’s saying is true, and he really thought the word was “Jewman,” my favorite part is when he says, “We don’t say that in America.”  That’s right J-Biebs!  We do not say Jew Man in America.  Unless you’re my dad, and you’ve had too many glasses of scotch.


5 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Justin Bieber’s No Nazi

  1. Actually Justin wasn’t asked if he knew that Bieber is German for basketball. He was asked a true or false questions whether Bieber was German for basketball. The answer was false. Bieber is actually German for beaver. Keep in mind he was jet lagged during this interew which means he was exhausted from traveling. Sometimes you can look directly at a word and not recognize it even though you do know what it is. Sometimes a word being used out of context can throw you. Justin was right… here in America we don’t use Jew Man. He may have thought the interview was using an offensive word hence, “We don’t say that in America” becase it’s offensive.

    • herestheproblem

      Thank you for your very detailed and logical reasoning. You input on this important matter is greatly appreciated.


  2. Completely off topic: isn’t he from Cananda?

  3. He is awful adorable though!

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