Here’s the Problem: Facebook Replaces Network Execs

Here’s the Problem:  There is now a Facebook group dedicated to getting “Charo to host NBC Nightly News”.   Okay, so it worked for Betty White on SNL, and very deservedly so.  That does not mean that it’s okay for fat Comic Book Guy-types to use this as a vehicle to satisfy their fetishes of post-menopausal women on network television.  What’s next?  Cloris Leachman moderates Meet the Press?  Angela Lansbury replaces Simon Cowell?  Okay, so I’d watch too…

Actual Problem:  Despite the fact I’d Tivo the hell out of that, it’s still, not acceptable.  Facebook campaigns are not the solution to improve shows – that’s’ why we have bigwig network executives.

By the way, Jeff Zucker, if you’re reading, I think Liza Minnelli would be a great substitution for Chris Hansen on “To Catch a Predator” during Sweeps.

*** Extra special thanks to Claire Hambrick (who should obviously replace Joy on the View) for this post.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Facebook Replaces Network Execs

  1. Yay guest poster! Yeah, thank goodness we have bigwig network execs to make great decisions on behalf of great shows. Like … uhhhh … well, they do … or they have … I’m sure of it … right?

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