Here’s The Problem: Baby Prostitutes

Here’s The Problem: At some Paul Mitchell talent show ( but don’t quote me, I don’t know if it was a talent show – I don’t know if it was Paul Mitchell- I might have made that up – if you want hard-core facts I suggest you watch the news) teeny tiny 7 year old girls danced inappropriately to the song Single Ladies while scantily clad . W O W.

Actual Problem: This is why the world is filled with whores.

***Special thanks to Annie Mais – who brought this to my attention. She, like me, is also a whore hater.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Baby Prostitutes

  1. Oh. My. God. These girls’ mothers should be locked up for supporting child prostitution. That is just sick and twisted. What is wrong with people? What happened to parents not letting their kids wear make up, or fighting over wearing shirts that show their midrift? WTF is wrong with these girls’ parents?

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