Here’s the Problem: The Parents of Baby Prostitutes

Here’s the Problem:  Parents of a few of the dancers featured in the  video of young girls freak dancing (competitively) to Single Ladies appeared on GMA this morning to defend their kiddles.   Their argument was dependent on the fact that these girls were 8 and 9 (not 7, you perv) and the video was not meant to go viral.

Actual Problem:  The girl who brutally murdered her dignity when she slept with Dustin Diamond didn’t expect that video to go viral either.  Didn’t make it any less disturbing.  Let’s place bets on which of these chickadees will be making a lot more “videos” in her life.   Also, sincere apologies to Woody Allen and Roman Polanski for revealing their ages.

ACTUAL Actual Problem:

Kara : i can’t stop watching the little whore girls do their dance
Lisa : that’s a serious problem
Kara : and like when i watch it – i start to do the moves
Kara : like i want to be them
Lisa : 20 years too late, kiddo


4 responses to “Here’s the Problem: The Parents of Baby Prostitutes

  1. But the question is, did they win the contest? And, for your bet, I put dibbs on the little blond in the middle at the end of the video.

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  3. I’m just shocked that their parent’s don’t get why this is horribly inappropriate. Really not even anything funny here, just horribly sad.

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