Here’s the Problem: Bristol Palin’s New Job

Here’s the Problem: The most famous teen mom in Alaska (wouldn’t you think there’d be lots more? I mean it’s really dark there all the time…) has a new job! Bristol is going to be a speaker advocating abstinence. She is going to get paid up to $30,000 per speech. Ummm I think it’s a little too late on the pep talk kiddo.

Actual Problem: So much for not glamorizing teen pregnancy! Now it seems all I need to do to get lots of money and get on a TV show is get knocked up. This seems like the perfect plan! Hey…doesn’t the end justify the means?

Actual Actual Problem: Isn’t Bristol talking about abstinence the same thing as if Lindsay gave speeches about anti-drug and alcohol use and pro-eating? Think about it people!

**Another gem from Intern Hillary


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Bristol Palin’s New Job

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