Here’s the Problem: Don’t High Five Me Bro

Here’s the Problem: You know the guy in the stands that high fives a total stranger after the home team scores a run? It’s like he had some part in the actual result of the play (be it a home run, or 3-pt shot). You don’t have motor skills or any particular physical ability for that matter. Hang up the cleats man, enjoy the game. Don’t high five.

Actual Problem: Everyone knows you watch sports because you’re holding on to the glory days of high school when you probably had a shot with a hot chick, and now you’re married with 3 kids and your wife has definitely seen better days. Sports tickets are expensive bro, and your 401K isn’t looking half as good.

**Fist bump to Greg Barto for writing this post.  And then trying to submit one about people who say “cat’s pajamas,” which I say often, so screw him.  He consequently submitted a post about friends who think they’re funny enough to submit posts.   At least one of them wasn’t half bad.


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