Here’s The Problem: Kelly Bensimon is C R A Z Y

holy satchels of gold....

Here’s The Problem: OH MY GOD – OH MY GOD – YOU GUYS! Please tell me you watched The Real Housewhores of NYC last night??!!??@@@ Kelly Bensimon is totally, certifiably, bat shit C R A Z Y!! Walking around Ramona’s rented yacht yapping about how she’s dreaming about Bethenny trying to kill her and then she’s like bawling over a gift bag. 10 minutes later she is telling someone that they are “channeling the devil”, “you’re not a chef, you’re a cook, it’s creepy”, and my favorite: “you guys are making lemons to lemonade. you’re making something to something bigger.”

Actual Problem: the actual problem here is that no one is making a book of Bethenny’s amazing responses to this lunatic:

“Did you go to Columbia the county? Because there’s no f’ing way that broad went to college. She didn’t go to Mickey Mouse University.” – Bethenny


One response to “Here’s The Problem: Kelly Bensimon is C R A Z Y

  1. This douche-bag, Jill zarin, and Vicky Gunvalson are the only housewives that i would completely ignore if i saw them on the street.

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