Here’s the Problem: Stripper Mom (Anonymous Guest Blogger)

Here’s the Problem:  We received the below email from a very special guest blogger (who will go unnamed to protect the futures of her adorable children who do not deserve a life of shame):

I attended a naughty girl party last weekend and long story short, had a ball and now I’m the proud owner of a stripper pole.
So here’s the problem… when should I have it installed and then where? I was thinking when the kids leave over summer break, maybe perhaps inside my room (locked up) or the guest room i.e. my daughter’s room wheneva she decides 2 visit (which has been quite often over these last couple of weeks) WTH am I 2 do?


Mother of the year

p.s. I’m in the best shape of my life, I damn near work out 5 days a week now ( supplement my income perhaps wit privates, Lol)

p.s.s. Don’t Judge!!!!

Actual Problem:  Oh.  There are a hundred things wrong with this.  Mostly having to do with the fact that she didn’t take into account where a ceiling beam might be to insure a successful installation, but moreso in the post post script.  “Don’t judge”???? Good luck.  You sent this email the wrong two girls.


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