Here’s the Problem: RIP Gary Coleman

Here’s the Problem:  Gary Coleman has passed away this morning at age 42.
Actual Problem:
lisa: Kar.
kara: Li.

lisa: Gary Coleman died

kara: i know. i know. terrible.
lisa: I JUST made a whatchu talkin about Willis joke last night
lisa: do you think it’s my fault?
kara: no no
kara: maybe he was just too small
kara: his body couldn’t take it
lisa: we are also quite short, you know
lisa: is our time almost up?
kara: i know – maybe we’ve got a limited time
kara: just like Gary.
lisa: JLG – let’s say it everytime we have to make a decision regarding a fulfilling life
lisa: also, anytime we’re at a concert and can’t see the stage


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