Here’s the Problem: A Very Gore-y Divorce

Here’s the Problem:  Guys!  Al Gore and Tipper are getting a divorce! I know!  After 40 years these high school sweethearts are calling it quits.  I tend to say if you’ve made through 40 years just stick it out till the Alzheimer’s hits.  But what do I know?

Actual Problem:

Lisa: Kar
Lisa: Al Gore is getting divorce
Kara: oh dear
Kara: what about Tipper?
Lisa: what about her?
Lisa: stupid name
Lisa: lucky she got married in the first place
Kara: i wish i was married
Kara: even if i had a stupid name
Lisa: to Al Gore? you might as well marry a fish and keep your name
Lisa: you’d have to do so much recycling
Kara: NO
Kara: omg
Kara: Totes not worth it

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