Here’s the Problem: The Hills ep 606 (by Guest Blogger, Moye!)

Here’s the Problem: Audrina takes Lo and Stephanie to catch some band called Pink or Purple Melon at the Viper Room. To her horror, Justin Bobby’s band, Ed Stanley, is also playing that night so things are super awkward. You know, awkward in that she’s freaking out at the back of the room while he plays the drums on stage and doesn’t even know she’s there, because he’s actually performing? Lo and Stephanie are just surprised that Justin Bobby is in a band, as if that’s a real job or something. Ryan tells Audrina that he’s going on a week long tour, but strangely, she’s not surprised that he has enough of a career to go on tour?? Come on now. Ryan, just stop with the hair gel already. Brody’s new girlfriend is interning with Lo at Smashbox Studios. Kristen goes on a manhunt in Venice. Brody is a slut.

Actual Problem: Audrina, don’t even lie over being shocked that Justin Bobby came on stage. His band came on after the Magenta Melon guys, which means they were clearly the headlining band, which means YOU KNEW ALL ALONG JUSTIN BOBBY WAS GOING TO BE THERE. So seriously, get over it. I used to hate Justin Bobby but the fact that he referred to Ryan as “Spike” absolutely made my day. Team Justin Bobby!

Actual Actual Problem: WHERE IS HEIDI AND SPENCER?


One response to “Here’s the Problem: The Hills ep 606 (by Guest Blogger, Moye!)

  1. Hilarious recap!

    Speidi has been banned from being on The Hills because Heidi accused an MTV staff member of sexual harassment.

    It’s sad. They were the only entertaining people left.

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