Here’s The Problem: The Countess’ Music Video

Here’s The Problem: The Countess has a music video. YOU GUYS. It’s a gem. If you don’t have a lot of time – fast forward to the :56 mark and listen to the spoken (or is that singing too…?) parts. A-MAZ-ING.

Actual Problem: Lines (lyrics?) like: “and the primary mistake – texting on a date” (though, she does have a point).

**Thank you reader Amanda W. for putting up with all that ear bleeding to send us this problem.


5 responses to “Here’s The Problem: The Countess’ Music Video

  1. Damn autotune makes her sound like a tranny. Money can’t buy class but she will go broke buying her albums so it looks like other people bought them. WTF.

  2. When she speaks in the song, it totally reminded me of when Ursula speaks in her big The Little Mermaid number.

    Also, that corset is not classy. Maybe she should actually listen to the lyrics she paid the songwriter to write for her.

  3. I think i came up with that problem first…please check the date on your facebook…thank you very much!

  4. Actual Problem: I’m only 22 and I wish I could look as young as she does in this movie. I don’t know how she does it, but if its a special video camera, I hope the can make a *glasses* version of it so I can wear them when I look at pictures of Lady Gaga.

  5. … and when I say movie, I mean music video. Eff.

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