Here’s the Problem: Dr. Drew’s Doing It Wrong

Here’s the Problem: Apparently the best part of last night’s MTV Movie Awards took place in the audience,  because it sure as hell wasn’t Tom Cruise volunteering to take a dive in the c-list pool by appearing in costume.

Last night Dr. Drew tried to find Lindsay at the awards so he could publicly apologize for publicly bashing her lifestyle (and probably also to compliment her on her hot SCRAM bracelet).  Lindz, who has somehow gained some self-respect in the last week, changed seats so she wouldn’t have to deal with the doc.

Actual Problem:  Listen, I’m as shocked as you that I could put “Dr. Drew” and “Problem” in the same sentence except for, “I really need to work on intensifying my sex addiction problem so I can get some help from that God with a stethoscope, Dr. Drew.”  I’m also surprised that I’m taking LiLo’s side in this matter – but sometimes life throws you curve balls.  Truth is, if Dr. Drew really wanted to apologize he could send an email, or write a letter, or find a way to call her and be personal and sincere.  I think Mr. Pinsky could use a trip to Wannabe Celebrity Rehab for his fame addiction.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Dr. Drew’s Doing It Wrong

  1. Tom Cruise’s costume dance was the most talked about event of the show (which had good ratings) and they just greenlit a feature length spinoff of that character so I think C-list is a bit off. He’s still a solid B, B+.

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