Here’s the Problem: Hipsters (From Guest Blogger Smoking Jacketman)

Now that's a piece of hipster clipart if I ever saw one

Here’s the Problem: Hipsters, those hipsters. Their basic colours mixed with over the top articles of clothing, like huge singlets which hang down to their knee, or bowties. They get around on fixed gear bikes with loose chains and no handle bars. They go to Arthouses wearing glasses with no lenses, bringing along their Holga cameras, and talking about bands that “No one’s heard of”. What do they bring to society? Nothing – that’s what.

Actual Problem: Hating on hipsters makes me a hipster somehow. Damn this ironic fad.

**Thanks to random reader Smoking Jacketman for submitting this problem.   While his opinions don’t necessarily represent those of HTP, he’s got a point about ironic hating.  Also, his overuse of the letter “u” implies he’s from across the pond, which,  a. is hot as hell, and b. means HTP is GLOOOOBAAAALLL.  Say it proud, like Oprah.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Hipsters (From Guest Blogger Smoking Jacketman)

  1. smokingjacketman

    Wow thanks guys, this is a real honour.
    Yes I use “u” because I’m from across the pond, I’d refer it as the Pacific Ocean but whatever.
    CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS – I don’t think Oprah could ever pull this off.

    • herestheproblem

      I just spent a good 5 minutes trying to do CHEEEERS in Oprah-nese. You’re right, she’s got nothing on you.

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