Here’s The Problem: Snooki’s Life Goals

Here’s The Problem: The kids from Jersey Shore are gearing up for their second season by doing all kinds of press – here is a snippet from a Snook-a-licious interview from the MTV Movie Awards : “I want to save up money so that I can buy a house, find a guy, have a family and make Guido babies! That’s all I want.”

Actual Problem: Take out the word GUIDO and Snooki and I have the same life goals…….


One response to “Here’s The Problem: Snooki’s Life Goals

  1. Dammit, now I can’t dislike her, because I ALSO want to save money, buy a house, get married, and make babies. Probably not guido babies, but to be honest, as time passes by I get less and less picky 😛

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