Here’s the Problem: Hills Episode 607 (By Guest Blogger, Moye!)

Here’s the Problem: The McKaela vs. Kristin war continues when Stephanie throws herself a birthday party and the new girl decides to bring the old nemesis, Allie Lutz, as her date. Apparently this Lutz girl broke into Brody’s house once. Kristin freaks out, Brody gets mad and they leave together. Kristin: +15, McKaela: -4.

Audrina tries to break up with Spike (Ryan Cabrera), but then visits Justin Bobby by telling him that they’re over. Or something. I don’t know. The whole scene made me fall asleep. So I’m not sure if Audrina really broke up with Spike or not, but I guess….so?

Then McKaela and Kristin meet up to talk, toss their hair extensions and bat their false eyelashes. Actually, McKaela tries to tell her how Brody is a liar but Kristin basically takes his side, because she’s a bitch like that. The score now stands at Kristin: +20, McKaela: -10. In the long run, I think McKaela wins because Kristin just basically admitted that she knows Brody is a man-slut and she’s totally okay with it? Oh, man. Have some respect for yourself. Also, why is your voice so hoarse?

Actual Problem: Wait, hold up. Who the hell is this Allie Lutz girl? Aside from looking like Britney’s unfortunate older sister with horrible bags under her eyes…wait, that’s about it. Am I missing a crucial part of Hills history? Gahhh, don’t make me waste my precious hours Googling her name.

Actual Actual Problem: McKaela needs to learn to turn on her computer when she’s at work. Please see screencap above.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Hills Episode 607 (By Guest Blogger, Moye!)

  1. Allie Lutz is Doug Reinhardt’s ex-girlfriend. They dated through high school and most of college as well. She’s honestly not that crazy (except for the fact that she’s ok with the show making her look that way). I think she’s trying to get into modeling or something so she just wants the publicity. I highly doubt she would break into Brody’s house though. It’s all just fabricated bull shit that they’re blowing out of proportion, which you can tell by the fact that they’re not making any sort of point to reveal the history she has with literally ALL of the people on the show.

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