Here’s the Problem: Brandy’s Cultivating Tabloid Topics for 2016

Here’s the Problem:  In an interview with Parade Magazine, Brandy says she will always be her daughter’s friend before she’s her mother.

A lot of mothers feel like they’re the mom first, with that authority. But for me, I’m a friend first. I believe that just being there for my daughter as a friend more than ‘I’m in charge…’ causes her to be more open with me as a person.

Actual Problem: No problem here.  Sy’rai is only 7, which means we have about 5-6 years of this nonsense before Brandy starts regretting this parenting style.  By then the Lindsay’s and Britney’s of the world will be fading away and we’ll be ready for a new train wreck of a girl who hasn’t be raised properly.


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