Here’s The Problem: Lindsay, Her Mom & a Scram Bracelet

Here’s The Problem: Time for some news dealing with my favorite Mother/Daughter Messes – Linds and Dina! So, Linds is like, a big ole booze hound so she has to wear some SCRAM bracelet on her ankle. The other night it goes off (gee, I can’t imagine HOW that happened…) and Mommy D comes to the rescue saying:

“She was at the MTV Awards and somebody spilled a drink on her leg, which must have set off the SCRAM bracelet.  She has done absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to wear the bracelet in the first place.  She is doing absolutely fine.”

Actual Problem: If having to go to court for a DUI and being on probation is “doing absolutely fine” I shudder to think what doing just “ok” means in this family….


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