Here’s the Problem: Little Kids on Facebook (An Intern Hillary Post)

Here’s the Problem: Since when did the social networking genius website Facebook become the place where pre-pubescent middle schoolers to share to the world that is the internet about their “suuper fun day todayyyy at the movvviess with my ggirrrls!” I thought it was for sophisticated college students like myself to reconnect and converse about about big people topics.

Actual Problem: I wish I was as cool as some of these kids. If they are really cool then hopefully they will be reading this. And then they can invite me to go to the movvviesssss with them. And then they can talk about me on their status updates. Okay that is all for now. Thank you cool little ones, find me on FB.

**Actual Actual Problem:  Hey, Intern Hil – remember when Facebook was only for college kids?  No? You don’t?  Probably cuz you were 12 then.  To Kara and me – you are a little kid on facebook.   xoxo

2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Little Kids on Facebook (An Intern Hillary Post)

  1. oh god. My 11 year old sister just friended me and her ENTIRE WALL is an argument of “Yeah huh!”, “Nu uh!”

    Isn’t there an age policy that they are violating somewhere?

  2. I’m a middle-schooler. I have a facebook. I don’t talk about going to the movvviesssss, that’s where my lame friends come in. If I do say so myself, I’m super-cool and a lot more mature than the other kids. (Although talking about how mature you are just makes you less mature…)

    Now i’m going to do a stupid twelve-year-old thing

    OMG I totally love ur blog. it’s hilarious and freaking awesome and i’m actually surprised that i get it. xoxo jordi

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