Here’s The Problem: Anna Paquin

Here’s The Problem: Anna Paquin is engaged to the older dude she co-stars with in the Vampire show. Cool. Awesome. At least some 27 year old gals are getting married. BUT, come to find out she is bi-sexual and her fiance is yapping about it in a Playboy article.

Actual Problem: There are SO many but I will pick one: GREED. One or the other Paquin. Pick a team. Christ Almighty.


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Anna Paquin

  1. Anna looks like the younger sister of Sandra Bernhard in that photo.

  2. She doesn’t look bisexual.

  3. Why cant a bisexual person get married? Falling in love doesnt change who you are attracted to, it doesnt change your sexual orientation. I dont understand why bisexual people are always treated like they are confused or cant be trusted.

  4. don’t even joke about “pick[ing] a team”, it’s offensive. i don’t think th author was implying that bisexuals can’t be trusted, but chalking her sexuality up to being greedy is really harsh and super uncalled for…

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