Here’s the Problem: You Don’t Exist In the Digital World

Here’s the Problem:  As a person who works in a job that requires communication with other people, it is sometimes interesting – no – imperative – to put a face to the name of someone who you’ve been emailing with or speaking to over the phone.  That is why every person under the age of 50* MUST be able to be Googled.  I’m not saying you have to have to have a Facebook page (although that would ensure you are an actual human), but you should have something searchable by your name – a Twitter, a Myspace, a Flickr, a website you had to make for a college class, a Goddamn LinkedIn so I at least know what year you graduated and how many fucking “connections” you have (do NOT add me to your list).

Actual Problem:  Guys – it’s 2:30 on a Friday at work and I’ve already caught up on Lesbers (or whatever they’re called) so if you don’t have a way I can stalk you, I’m gonna have to start filing shit.  And no one wants that.

*Thanks to Caila Ball for being the go to girl on society’s unwritten rules and for understanding the importance on being able to Google something.


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