Here’s the Problem: Jeremy London

Here’s the Problem: Jeremy London was kidnapped and forced to smoke crack for 12 hours!

Actual Problem: Jeremy London’s drug problem.  Nobody kidnaps someone and *
forces* them to do drugs.  Drugs are expensive (well, crack really isn’t, but relative to these people it is), and people with crack tend to be greedy with it.  I know this because the homeless people near my old apartment used to get into fights over who smoked up all the crack.  Point is, nobody is buying it, Jeremy London.

Actual Actual Problem:  I knew who Jeremy London was when I heard this because I watched 7th Heaven well into my teens.

**Written by my new blog crush, Lara.  If you like HTP, you’ll wet yourself over cLARAfications.


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Jeremy London

  1. He’s been watching too much Six Feet Under.

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  3. Mallrats. I knew Jay and Silent Bob got him hooked on that sweet sweet rock. Why couldn’t you be more like your brother and be cast in Dazed and Confused? Poor bastard.

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