Here’s the Problem: Tiny Kitten Ice Cream

Here’s the Problem:  The interweb is all a flutter about this commercial that features a “kitten” eating “ice cream” and wearing a hat.  I’m not putting hat in quotations because it is, in fact, a hat.

Actual Problem: A. That ice cream is obviously cat food.  Which I get for the point of making the commercial, and I’m not asking for anything different, but once I realize that it was ground up pig by-product, my taste for frozen milk confectioneries went away.  B. That kitten has really long legs, as depicted in the end of the commercial which means it’s going to be a rather full sized cat one day.  Full sized cats aren’t cute.  They signify being middle aged and single.  Also, Egyptians.

Actual Actual Problem:  I said I was going to drink on my flight tonight to put me to sleep, but I started a few hours early and now how will I ever make it to the airport with cat food on my mind and vodka in my stomach?!


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Tiny Kitten Ice Cream

  1. Where is the itteh bitteh hat-wearing-ice-creaming-eating kitteh commiteh to stop this kind of madness?! Madness, I tell you!

  2. still that’s soooooooo cute!

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