Here’s the Problem: Your New iPhone

Here’s the Problem:  People were lined up around city blocks yesterday, selling their children and keeping entertained by experimenting with various drugs waiting to pick up the new iPhone.   Reader Suzanne received an email from her friend saying she can’t hang out tonight – the night AFTER this modern day Blitzkrieg – because she has to go back with a voucher to pick up the phone.  I want to protect the name of this innocent, yes misguided, woman but allow me to paste a selection from the email,

I seriously had nightmares last night about waiting for the phone!

Actual Problem: This isn’t a fucking Tickle Me Elmo, or the swine flu vaccine.   If you’re having nightmares about picking up a phone,  you’re probably the kinda person that not many people want to call anyway.

**Thanks Suzanne!  Sorry to be so harsh on your friend – but seriously? Seriously?!


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Your New iPhone

  1. The real real problem is that guy in the back dressed up as an iPhone, I’m pretty sure I can see his belly button.

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