Here’s The Problem: Midnight Mysteries!

Here’s The Problem: When you are often wide awake from 2am to 6am – you get to watch A LOT of re-runs…and that’s when the questions start. Here are a few that REALLY bothered me last night…er, this morning?

1. On Family Matters – mid-way through the seasons – all of a sudden – Aunt Rachel is MISSING from the credits – and the show! Nobody says anything about it – and yet – her son- little Richie, maintains his residence at the Winslow’s! WHY?????????????? WHAT HAPPENED TO RACHEL?

2. When Rebecca Howe (that’s right baby – it all comes back to my girl. Kirstie!) loses her job as manager of Cheers but then somehow gets Sam to hire her on as a waitress – HOW does she continue to afford those snappy suits she wears to the bar everyday??????????????

3. WHY does George Lopez look EXACTLY like my dad?????????????

Actual Problem: Insomnia. 😦


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Midnight Mysteries!

  1. You completely failed to mention the fact that Judy, the little sister, completely disappeared from Family Matters after a season or two. No mention of where she went, no nothing. Just no more Judy. Tear.

  2. Another mystery– Full House season 1 he was Jesse Cochran… and then, Katsopolis? doesn’t add up…

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