Here’s the Problem: Mel Gibson

Here’s the Problem:  Remember when we first got a taste of the shocking Gibson-ator?  Well, he’s back.  The man who brought “sugar tits” back into the American lexicon has a whole new slew of racist, sexist and fantastically offensive phrases.

Actual Problem:  It’s like every day there’s a new tape where Gibson is calling his girlfriend a whore or insulting some nationality.  Hell, I like a good racist rant from a former star as much as the next guy, but in a world of supply and demand, this space is over-saturated. I’m done with this fool.

…unless, of course, someone can remix one of Mel’s tapes with David After Dentist.  I eat that shit up.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Mel Gibson

  1. hahaha oh boy was i waiting for this one =) one question,though, was ‘sugar tits’ really in the american lexicon before ol’ mel? let’s give credit where credit is due. it’s only fair. heh.

  2. are these pictures all from the same day? cause if not, mel really needs to expand his wardrobe… just sayin’

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