Here’s The Problem: The Hills is Over

it's over.

Here’s The Problem: You guys, it’s the end of an era. Tonight is the last episode ever of  The Hills. It’s sad for all of us 20 something gals who sat and watched…. and wished we were skinny enough to fit into Lauren’s clothes or dumb enough to fuck Justin Bobby over and over and over…..or maybe you were a Brody lover and you prayed that he and Lauren could just work it out? Maybe you wished on a star that one day Heidi would stop enlarging her breasts long enough to take one of Spencer’s crystals, bash him over the head with it and run back to Lauren. Maybe you cheered when Stephanie stopped talking to Spencer or when Kristen totally dumped Justin Bobby – giving him a taste of his own medicine…..

Actual Problem: Whatever your reasons were for watching The Hills – you know you’re going to miss it. No matter how “dumb” it was.


One response to “Here’s The Problem: The Hills is Over

  1. At least we get to look forward to “The Audrina Show” (yes that’s what it’s actually called….an entirely new problem)

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