Here’s the Problem: Bristol Palin’s Getting Married

Here’s the Problem:  There’s nothing like getting pregnant to keep your boyfriend and then having him dump you months later.  But luckily for Miss Bristol, it’s all working out in the end.  Palin and Levi Johnston, the father of her baby boy Tripp, reconciled while trying to determine custody of the child.  After a long confusing walk down a garden path (literally), Levi popped the question.  You can read all about it in this issue of US Weekly.  It’s almost as prestigious as a wedding announcement in the New York Times.  At least for Wasillians.

Actual Problem:  The tabloid article was how the kiddies broke the news to Mama Palin.  Bristol was so nervous about telling her parents that  she let US Weekly article come out before they  knew.  Listen Bristol, glossy weeklies are for telling the world you were molested as a child, or recently lost 80 lbs.  Or both.  Not for avoiding the awkward conversation that you have possibly made a responsible decision.


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