Here’s the Problem: The Hills SHOCKING Ending

Here’s the Problem:  I didn’t watch the whole final season of The Hills (that’s what Moye is for… or was for), but I did watch the last 2 minutes of the series finale like, 50 times.  I’ll tell you, around the 30th viewing it gets a little less surprising.  If you’ve been under a rock – here’s how MTV tried to pull back the cashmere from our eyes.

Actual Problem:  $20 that Brody Jenner came up with this, or at least creamed his pants when he read it in the script.  Did you see how excitedly ambivalent he was during the Aftershow about how maybe his relationship with Lauren was all a hoax?  She seemed thrilled about that.   Nothing ruins a surprise ending more than an idiot talking about it.


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