Here’s the Problem: Oh Sandy!!

Here’s the Problem:  Sure the tabloids have been saying it for months, but a slightly more glossy tabloid is confirming it – Sandy is taking Jesse James back (as reported in this week’s Life & Style – Only $2.99!!).  She’s doing it “for the children” of course.  Cuz nothing is healthier for the development of a child than watching the forcing together of two parties who don’t respect each other or themselves.

Actual Problem:  Well girl, you just lost us.  Us and most of the American public.  You join the ranks of Hillary Clinton, Tea Leoni and Monique as women who we can respect for their power, talent, and hairy legs, but not for their self esteem.


4 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Oh Sandy!!

  1. dubbaya tea eff.

  2. jack sheppard

    I thought sandra was better then that. I can definitely see this working out very well for everyone

  3. I so totally agree with you including your samples!!!! you go girl. Great values!!!!!

  4. I hope this works out for her better than it seems like it will…

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