Here’s The Problem: Idol Must END

Here’s The Problem: We’ve come to the end of the line here folks. According to reports, Kara D. has been fired, Ellen has peaced out, Simon quit and NOW….J-Lo and Steven Tyler will be replacement judges???????????????? Really?

Actual Problem: Let it go FOX. You had a great run – but it’s done now. It’s time for Idol to end. When you have to drag Steven Tyler out of the coffin he’s been sleeping in… you think that’s a good sign?


One response to “Here’s The Problem: Idol Must END

  1. I completely agree! Idol ended for me last season, before I watched a second of it with Ellen on. I love Ellen, and just didn’t want to see her that way. Plus, the best part of idol was the play among Randy, Simon and Paula. They are deluding themselves if they think we tuned in for any other reason at all.

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