Here’s the Problem: Bristol and Levi are Done – For Real Real This Time

Here’s the Problem:  Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are dunzo – again.  But seriously guys, for realsies this time.  Like, no take backs.  Poor Bristol found out that Levi’s ex-girlfriend is pregnant the same day the royalty of Wasilla announced their engagement.  You know, the engagement they used US Weekly to tell their parents.  The engagement that was unsupported by the Palin elders.  The engagement that had us all looking at our watches and the latest Playgirl issue and counting the minutes till it was over.

Actual Problem:  Lord help me.  Sarah was right. Maybe there is something to being a Momma Grizzly Bear.

Special Thanks to reader Amanda for sharing the breaking news (with the subject line, “Duh”) when it was actually broke.  Thumbs down to me for not checking my email till today.  Really, if it’s not on the Today show between 7:15 and 8:20, it never happened in my mind.  Thank God for our readers.


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