Here’s the Problem: Your Secret Wife’s Facebook

Here’s the Problem: John France needs to learn to cover his tracks.  Homeboy told his wife that he was in China when he was actually getting married to a 20-something in Florida.  And worse than not taking his passport (which his wife found in their bedroom) he didn’t tell his new young wife to keep their wedding photos off of Facebook.  Wifey #1 was none to pleased with her social network discovery, especially when Wifey #2 had already changed her last name.

Actual Problem:  Firstly, if your boo doesn’t know how to work a privacy setting – run.  Secondly, joke all you want about how a relationship isn’t official until you change your status on the FB, but shit just got REAL.   You can get your man to put a Goddamn ring on it, but if he doesn’t confirm it on Facebook you may well not consummate it.


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