Here’s the Problem: Fat Mannequin

Here’s the Problem:  A new fancy (read: over priced) bra shop opened at the mall near our office and as Kara and I quickly whisked by it today (because if I’m going to put $200 into my boobs it will NOT be to lift them with fabric) I noticed there was a mannequin with rolls of polystyrene “fat” across her middle.

Actual Problem:  Listen, I’m all for truth in advertising, but I’m not buying something off a fat mannequin. Simple as that.  I’d rather believe that this bra makes my waist smaller. I mean, really, if you want to be all accurate with the form, remove the 2 inch heel somehow growing out of that woman’s foot.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Fat Mannequin

  1. I don’t think that mannequin is fat, it looks kinda fitness to me. The fatty zone you reffer to is how worked out obliques look like, and I like that look on a woman 🙂

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