Here’s the Problem: Bristol Palin did something… smart?

Here’s the Problem:  Our friends over at (ok, ok we don’t have friends there – just one guy – Kyle – who sent us an email once) posted this little ditty about the latest Bristol/Levi split being a somewhat savvy move for a play in the PR world.  I hate having to give her some credit, but if this is the case, Bristol may actually have some merit.

Actual Problem:  Reading into the relationship and trying to find a plausible explanation for homegirl’s boy dramz is comparable to those people who read the bible now and say it predicted 9/11 9 years ago.  Monday morning quarterbacking doesn’t work for religious fiction or Alaskan relationship hyginks.

***Plug time!! has an incredibly unique insight into this and other notworthy topics (like actual news).  Check them out.  But only after you’ve visited here. This isn’t a competition, but it


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