Here’s the Problem: Kids on Leashes (An Intern Hillary Post!!)

Here’s the Problem: So the other day I was out and about and I saw what most people would only associate with Disney World and people with fanny packs. These kids were on leashes. That’s right, leashes, like dogs, but thankfully without collars. Okay people if you have to keep your kid on a rope to make sure they don’t run away then you should probably be watching them a little better.

Actual Problem: Kids, if you think the leash thing ends when you’re little, think again. I am going to college in a mere two weeks and my leash, though more of a metaphorical one, is just going to get longer. You need a pretty long rope to get all the way from here to there.

Actual Actual Problem: I just realized my parents read this blog. I love you mom and dad! You’re doing a great job.


4 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Kids on Leashes (An Intern Hillary Post!!)

  1. You are so right Hillary. We do read everything you write. Also correct…..the lesion is just a bit longer

  2. At least they don’t have choke collars.
    Actually, little kids can disappear in a microsecond. Leashes may be a good idea.

  3. You might see Ellis on a leash one day…You can never be too safe!

  4. Please read my bog to get the other side of this – from a parent’s view of how it keeps their child safe. The child may look typical but they may have challenges like autism and not understand danger. Like my son. Maybe try to open your mind a little and judge less.

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