Here’s the Problem: Taylor Momsen (An Intern Hillary Post!!!!)

Here’s the Problem: Okay first off let me just say that this girl has too many problems for me to discuss and I only have 2 weeks before I move to Boston (wahoo!) so lets get started. Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey for all you Gossip Girl loving nutjobs) is just the newest child star going down the Lohan road of excellence. In a new interview she jokes about hooking up with a preist. “I was raised Catholic. I fucked a priest once – I’m just kidding.” She also has no problem talking about her frequent masturbation saying “I’m not a whore for masturbating, so fuck you if you want to call me one.” She really has a way with words, doesn’t she?

Actual Problem: This disgusting, extension wearing slore bag is only…wait for it…wait for it…17. Okay take a few moments to let that sink in. Sunken yet? Okay good. 17 means she still lives with her parental units. 17 means she is not an adult so half the shit she does is illegal in most states. 17 is the age I was just last week and I sure as hell wasn’t doing any of this shit.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Taylor Momsen (An Intern Hillary Post!!!!)

  1. You forgot about the part where here eyeliner looks like the result of a 5-year-old scribbling with black crayons. Probably because she was 5 like 2 days ago.

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