Here’s the Problem: Marrying Your Stalker

See - we can do sports related posts. But really only because Xavier hasn't commented on anything in a while 😦

Here’s the Problem: Chris Chambers of the Kansas City Chiefs filed a claim last year against Stacey Saunders, stating that she had made “abusive, vulgar and irrational” communications towards Chambers, his wife, and his wife’s family.  11 months later Chris and Stacey stalker are happily married.  Wifey is out on the curb.

Actual Problem: Giving in to the mentally unstable girl who’s crushing on him gives hope to all other crazy bitches out there.   This isn’t a trend you want to start Chambers.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Marrying Your Stalker

  1. Um, way to set a great precedent. Hope he sleeps with his eyes open 😛

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