Here’s the Problem: Shaq’s Alter Ego, Tanya

Here’s the Problem:  And the sports-related posts just keep on coming!  This time, however, the sport is acting like a teenage girl.  In an interview with Vanity Fair Magazine, Shaq talks about his work as a detective for internet crimes against children.  Seriously.  For the last 7 years the 7’1 baller has been acting as a girl named Tanya, luring predators in a way Chris Hanson can only dream about.

Actual Problem:  If you’re on the other end of a computer and can’t tell that a giant Black man is flirting with you and not an underage girl, you don’t deserve the internet.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Shaq’s Alter Ego, Tanya

  1. I think that “Shaq VS” is an equally significant problem. I think he could have solved his ego complex just as effectively by leaking a picture of his penis and letting it spread around the internet.

    If this already exists, I’m not aware of it. Probably because I’m way too terrified to Google something like that.

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