Here’s The Problem: Duff Gets Hitched

Here’s The Problem: Do you ever go through those times where EVERYTHING makes you cry? Commercials, people, the weather, maybe you stub your toe? Well, I’m a weeper right now and this Hilary Duff getting married thing has me reaching the end of my rapidly fraying rope. A 22 year old girl is hitched now. Her poor older sister (NOT married) was her maid of honor….(I wonder how many tequila shots THAT took)….and the world has a general sense of – how is this fair?

Actual Problem: Life is not fair.


3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Duff Gets Hitched

  1. Poor DUMPSTER DUFF!! I’d be drunk too! NOT FAIR.

  2. I don’t think its the marriage thing that isn’t fair, I’d say its the whole general composition of the older H-Duff’s face that is unfortunate. But bitch is rich, so fuck that. No pity from me.

  3. I swear I can see her bellybutton through that dress. Just sayin. And her husband looks gross. Who wears a beret? Who are you? Prince?

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