Here’s the Problem: Historical Nerd Alert

Here’s the Problem: Snooki has a new boyfriend and his name is Roger Williams.  You know, like the Protestant Theologian from the 17th Century.  It’s like, totally ridiculous, cuz her man is a 35-year-old truck driver and probably has very little in common with the guy who founded Providence, RI.

Actual Problem: Us HTP girls love reminiscing about the days when we had interests beyond reality TV stars.   This whole site would be an SAT II prep course if

a. we hadn’t begun working in a fake city that consists of 3 buildings that have automated blackout shades for the distinct protection of crackhead starlets who come in to visit their attorneys, so we are more inclined to want to live in a fantasy world (ie pop culture world) than in reality (ie the REAL world in which we are single, rapidly approaching 30, sit in cubicles, are poverty stricken, and have a general sense of discontent.) 


b. discovered vodka sodas go down a lot quicker with two straws.


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