Here’s the Problem: The Hills (In Italy) **A Guest Blogger Post!**

Here’s the Problem: On the Real Housewives of New Jersey on Monday,
Jacqueline Laurita made it clear to everyone that the hills in Italy are the
geological equivalent to the end of the world.  The concept of walking up
said hills was just unfathomable to the extent that Jacqueline felt it
necessary to interrupt everyone in the middle of dinner and say, “Wait, does
anyone else think that walking up this hill is going to be a terrible
problem?”  She was especially concerned about the welfare of the young
children and old folk as they attempted to scale the perilous hill.

The Actual Problem: Jacqueline Laurita’s fat ass.  It’s so big, it’s
physically clouding her judgment and preventing her from realizing that
99.9% of able bodied individuals could successfully walk up the hill with *no
problem*.  She even managed to further contribute to this fat ass problem,
after she had defied the odds and made it up the hill, by gorging herself on
pastries and pasta.  It really was impressive that she made it up there with
that heavy load, especially since she was so much more weighed down than
Teresa in 4-inch heel boots, a woman who, in fact, had a baby more recently
than Jacqueline.  Go. Figure.

**Thanks to Miss Lara Levin (aka, my bloggerette crush) for this problem.   Isn’t she just the cat’s meow?


One response to “Here’s the Problem: The Hills (In Italy) **A Guest Blogger Post!**

  1. The bloggerette crushing is reciprocal. People are going to think we’re Blesbians.

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