Here’s the Problem: The Tattooed Twosome (An Intern Hillary Post!!!)

Here’s the Problem: Just months after this Hitler loving, tattooed
freak split from my girl Sandy, he was spotted hanging out with
another creature from the tattooed species – Kat Von D (LA Ink). They
claimed they were just friends. How original! Kat decided to come out
on her twitter that she and Jesse James were dating. But then she
deleted it. You’re not too smooth Kat.

Actual Problem: If you got knocked up and then had it “taken care of”
you couldn’t say that your eggo was never preggo. Think about it
people. They’re definitely dating.

***Special Note!! Intern Hillary leaves for her Freshman year in college this weekend (the best college in the world – Boston University)!  We wish her all the best.  Especially if the best means becoming more snarky.  You’re going to own that town kiddo.  Good luck!!


4 responses to “Here’s the Problem: The Tattooed Twosome (An Intern Hillary Post!!!)

  1. Yo, I saw this on E! News the other night during that “So False/So True” segment (I can’t believe I watch/know this shit. Ugh me.) and they were all “SO FALSE! One of their spokespeople said they’re just friends.”, so clearly that means the SO OPPOSITE!

    Good job, E! News and your creepy lollipop of a host, Ms. AnoRancic.

    But for reals, yay for Intern Hillary. I am obscenely jealous. What I would give to be fresh meat again.

    Hill-dog: If you ever need advice on how to totally win at college that the HTP girls are too old to know about, I’m always here.

  2. best of luck intern hillary !! If they decide to assign a successor which i cant see how they will. They will have big shoes to fill. HTP girls continue the great blogs as well

  3. When will celebrities learn that deleting a tweet doesn’t mean much when you have 100s of thousands of people paying attention?

  4. Kat and Douchebag: gross.

    Hillary: Good luck! I am so jealous 🙂

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