Here’s The Problem: Teen Mom: Your Child is Not a Doll (A Guest Blogger Post from Searls!)

Here’s The Problem: Has anyone been watching Teen Mom?  On this week’s episode, not unlike the rest, Farrah haphazardly leaves her baby Sophia alone, this time on a bed, while she runs into another room to take a call.  As anyone with half a brain could have guessed, Sophia then promptly FALLS OFF the bed and screams bloody murder.  Shocking!  Farrah has also left Sophia alone in a KITCHEN SINK (!?!) where Sophia then turns on the faucet and BURNS herself.  I mean, who DIDN’T see the fall and burn coming!?!  In my opinion, Farrah needs to take a trip down the yellow brick road and plead for some common sense.  And perhaps some maternal instincts?  No?  Just a thought.

Actual Problem:  Farrah must have been dropped one too many times as a child as well.

Actual Actual Problem:  Sophia has probably suffered some brain damage at this point.  ROCK ON, FARRAH!


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Teen Mom: Your Child is Not a Doll (A Guest Blogger Post from Searls!)

  1. actual actual actual problem: all the tween-age girls I know think this show is awesome and don’t find the show even a little ironic or sad. If I ever convince some poor bastard to father MY children, they’re growing up in a convent.

  2. I really feel bad for Farrah. Yes, she does some dumbass shit (ya’ll remember when she moved into her new apartment and left Sophia out in the hallway for what seemed like an eternity?) but she’s a single mom whose babys father died. Can`t help but feel bad for the girl.

  3. Actual actual actual problem: The fact that the camera people are just letting the baby fall off the bed and turn on the hot water to burn herself. “This isn’t looking good for the baby, but it’ll make great TV.” Congrats, MTV–you’re going to hell.

  4. How is it a problem to dress up the baby! Your dumb, everyone is gonna make mistakes. At least the baby is happy alright. And yeah MTV camera men shoulve done something to help the baby, but if they werent there it would’ve happened anyways. Idk I don’t think anyone has the right to judge her and how she’s raising her child. Quit making dumb websites about peoples lives. Teen pregnancy has been going on forever it’s nothing new, alright! If you feel you must address the teen pregnancy ”problem” how bout you DON’T use real people as examples. That’s just messed up to be talking smack bout her for a few mistakes many mothers made, in fact many mothers made way worse decisions at least she doesn’t do drugs or drink around her baby and at least she is doing the best she can. If it was a big issue that her baby fell or got burnt the government would’ve stepped in a while ago but they realize that people do worse stuff. It’s all apart of being a new mom. Even if she had a kid at 30 I’m sure she would be making the same mistakes.

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